With its three divisions, SING™FOODS, SING™ FITNESS, and SING™APPAREL, Bangkok (Thailand) based Jindasing Corporation provides the umbrella for the ultimate one-stop fitness experience.

'Serious fitness' is at the heart of our philosophy, a philosophy that is characterised by a strong conformity between personal interests of the SING™ management and business initiatives. This means we believe in what we do.







Thailand's first and only gastro and catering business to engineer highest nutritional value and great taste into ready made meals. We combine the attributes healthy and nutritious without compromising on taste.

With the best select personal trainers and group exercise instructors in the business we will help individuals realise their physical goals and corporations improving their bottom line by reducing health costs and absenteeism of your employees.

Produced in Thailand's state-of-the-art production facilities our performance apparel brand combines cutting edge fabrics, high quality manufacturing, functionality, durability and design.

SING™'s new trendy and inconspicuous look combines high utility and fashion designed for the urban cosmopolitan male and female. Coming in 2012!
Get armed for serious workouts with the highly functional, durable performance apparel from SING™. Coming in 2012!
Strive for victory in battle with the time-tested competition gear from SING™. Personally designed by Roongtawan 'Sing' Jindasing. Coming in 2012!